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It is my absolute pleasure to write a reference for Shane ….... I don’t need to make anything up. He was without doubt the most brilliant Building Manager I have ever encountered. Shane came to us with GNC Quality when we did an extensive renovation on our home two years ago. From the beginning of the year long job, he had an eye for the detail. If I wasn’t on site he’d alway call me to discuss the important decisions. If he couldn’t get hold of me he would question the decision to be made with a ‘What would I do?’ In fact, his ability to second guess me throughout the job was extraordinary. The whole renovation ran really smoothly and because of the support I had from Shane, I found it enjoyable... and we now have an amazing home. Shane comes with a great sense of humour, and is extremely well mannered. Two years on, I still find myself calling him, sometimes just to say hi, and always to have a laugh. I hope you can get Shane to building manage your job. You won’t be disappointed!
Edward Waring
My wife and I would like to congratulate Shane for providing us with a wonderful experience while he oversaw the construction of our new home in his capacity as Site Manager. Our new home is located on Sydney's lower north shore, and in architectural and builder speak would be described as 'high end' - brick and concrete construction, Viridian glazing, zinc roof and high quality finishes and fittings. From the outset Shane established an excellent relationship with us and our Architect, and demonstrated that he is a 'can do' experienced builder. As a result our project was completed on time, within budget and with a result that exceeded our expectations. Shane is clearly a team player, as evidenced by the smooth working and harmonious activities of his GNC colleagues and other on-site trades people that worked on site. Nothing was too big or small, and when there were decisions to be made, Shane provided practical solutions and generally with optionality. And he has an eye for quality as a result of his considerable building experience. Not surprisingly on completion we (Shane, his GNC Principals, our Architect and ourselves) all enjoyed a pleasant celebratory lunch together. Since then Shane has been both helpful and responsive to resolving any post completion defects. Shane is a thoroughly professional and experienced builder, and I could not recommend him too highly.
Andrew Davis